Monday, January 18, 2010

Visions of Homeless People in LA (by Janet Rothstein)

   My first attempt at making a video is a slide show: "Homeless in LA. " I really should have said Homeless People in LA, because each person here has value, character, personality, a story and a name.  Most of these people are still homeless. Some remember and acknowledge me, some are in their own worlds. 
   Johnny "Uh-Oh" has now gone into rehab, is living in an apartment, and now directs driveway-traffic to stop for all of us pedestrians on Hill Street. He greets me and others every day with a fabulously healthy attitude! 
   These red shopping carts are provided by a Catholic Organization, specially for the homeless people for their belongings and also for their income-producing can/bottle -recycling!
   I hope the music keeps you watching these scenes and compells you to find someone to help out, as I have.

   By being involved in helping the homeless people here I have met some admirable people:
   Rev. Andy Bales is the CEO of the Union Rescue Mission in the Skid Row area of LA.  He walked around at 3 am to take a census of all the homeless people: in makeshift cardboard shelters, tents, or just laying on the sidewalks. You can volunteer via their website
   Mark Horvath travels across the USA bringing names and faces to the word "Homeless." You can see his videos on 
His friend Dan Cho got me 3 huge bages of socks, which has kept me sorting for months!
   You can follow more good people (some have been homeless) in my twitter list.