Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Homeless Has a Name" - Road Trip U.S.A. This summer, is traveling across America to capture the stories of people without a home. By visiting tent cities, motels, and other modern-day accommodations for people without a home, this tour will unearth the modern-day realities of homelessness while providing a venue for “invisible” people to tell their story, raw and unedited.

Mark Horvath, a TV producer, was himself homeless in 1995, living in a park in Hollywood. He knows what it is like to have all his belongings fit inside a backpack. Now he travels across the USA bringing names and faces to the word "Homeless." You can follow him on twitter,
@hardlynormal and @invisiblepeople

I have met some of the homeless people in downtown L.A. Many of them have had economic catastrophe's or physical impairments, leading to their current homeless situation. Through Mark Horvath and Dan Cho I received 3 huge bags of socks to give to our homeless people. I have been sorting at home for weeks!
I have been given T-shirts, shoes, and jackets from Rotary of El Segundo and the South Bay area. Our store, J. Rothstein Jewelers of BeverlyHills, has also received checks from people in our MerchantCircle network, which helped me to buy hundreds of toiletries-care packages to give out.

Click on this slide show of great photos, or visit the incredible blog of for so many more fascinating stories.