Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rothstein Jewelers of BeverlyHills is Finding More Homeless People in L.A.

(This is Johhny "Uh-Oh".)

In my daily treks to the Jewelry district of Los Angeles, I encounter more and more homeless people. I recognize the ones that have staked out their territories, as I see them each day. I even get to know their names and a little about them. Most lug all their belongings with them, and some have a place to store them while they beg for money or hang out. I am trying to promote a desire within my community to give to these people more than what is provided by the existing "Services" in Los Angeles. I encourage my friends and customers of Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills, to give us their unwanted clothing, food or "extra" money. I bring it to the actual people who really need things. Here are some of the homeless people that I have met last week:

Please call me for more info or how you can help: (310)858-3800 or (800)544-7440
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